Monday, 20 October 2014

5 Guys

Hey Everyone,

How are you doing?

Watford continues to be the adventure I had been hoping for, we are teaching so many great people and some of the most interesting people I have met on my mission. Elder Hutchins is one of them, its funny, everyone in the mission was shocked when we got put together and even President was tentative about it as we are well known for speaking our mind and taking the lead, which is fine. Me and Elder Hutchins have always said that we would get along fine if we served together but we have been repeatedly told that we would kill each other. Alas, we are getting on more than well, its like serving with a friend I have known for years. We deduced that when a decision is to be made, we don't want it to be done OUR way, we just want it to be done the RIGHT way. I told Elder Hein that the only reason we ever had a problem is because he had a dumb idea ;) haha Just kidding, glory be to the Father. 

So the band is back baby! Its great to be back with my favourite missionaries, its funny how we are all zone leaders now, we have a real sense of camaraderie and we sound better than last year. It's me, Hutchins, David, Hein, Adriano, and a few other newbies who are really great. Hutchins trained Adriano and David, Hein trained me, Hutchins and Hein were trained by the same father, David and Adriano served together as did me and David, me and Adriano are in the same group, and all of us except Adriano were born in London North! Mission buddies are special and I know that these guys will be friends for life. 

This week there was a bittersweet experience as one of the Elders in our zone chose to go home after 5 months. We tried everything to keep him, went for lunch with him, called him, they even got locked out of their flat so we had him and his companion stay with us. 6 men in a two man flat. We asked him some of the most hard hitting questions you could think of but he was just wrapped up in his own world. The trouble is that he has not experienced anything difficult before in his life and the moment he has stepped out of his comfort zone he was looking for the gap to walk straight back in. I was really sad to see him go, because I know the things he is missing out on. Hopefully he will wise up and come back out. On the other hand, we got a great young missionary as his replacement who was trained by Elder Farley so you know he is good. This zone has some of the best missionaries in the world and I feel so blessed to be serving with them. 

We have 20 people on date in the zone and 4 in our area right now. We are teaching people from all over the Globe. Last week we had a special conference with Elder Herbertson of the seventy. I really enjoyed it. After the general meeting all the zone leaders and sister training leaders met with him and in the meeting we had about 11 different countries being represented, so cool. The England London Mission is such a mixing pot and I just love it. 

We are about to move into a new flat, right now we are staying with Elder Duncan and Doucet, we are on the floor in the front room, things are a little hectic and cramped but I am happy. The shower is amazing and we have a balcony which I love. Every Morning, after getting dressed I go out, look at the great view and pray. It is a really sweet and spiritual experience. I feel closer to God when I am marvelling at his creations, and at 7.30 in the morning the sky is often mesmerizing. 

I love you all,

Hugs and Handshakes,

Elder Nolan


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