1st Area - London North Ward

The following is from an email dated 7/10/13

"Im in london  north ward. Got the coach from the mtc to london. Was greeted by Pres. Jordan and his wife. The hyde park chapel is amazing. My companion is Elder Hein from utah, if you go on the mission blog he is the red haired elder singing 'halelujah'. The mission has a band/choir. Pres. Jordan wanted me to audition for it and so i did....Elder Nolan is now a rockstar haha they performed on friday night at ilford chapel! i auditoned yesterday. its funny really. The singers in that group will probably end up in MoTab so i have no clue what their gonna do with me. 

The ward i'm in has quite a big boundary. People from all over the world are in it. Havent met with everyone yet due to conference so im looking forward to sunday! My flat is nice..£4000 a month nice. True story.

We've taught a few lessons in homes and quite a few on the street. Even the tube. We have two dated for baptism on the 27th. Im doing well also. Im happy. Missionary work is the BEST thing in the world. Everything we do should have an effect on testimony, whether it be ours or some one elses. Elder David in my flat shared ' Preach the gospel at all times and if necessary, use words'. So im trying to do this. You all built my testimony by the way you LIVE the gospel, nothing else is quite as powerful as obedient examples. 

in my study of Nephi, the importance of obedience has become so apparant. I invite you all to read the last three words of 2 Nephi. I love you all!"

hugs and handshakes Elder Nolan

Elder Nolans first assignment is London North Ward. The ward is part of the Hyde Park Stake

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