Elder Nolan Attended the Preston Missionary Training Center which stands in the grounds of the Preston England Temple. This MTC provides training for missionaries who will be serving throughout Europe. Typically a missionary receives just under 2 weeks intense training before departing to their assigned mission.

The following photographs are a visual record of the day that Elder Nolan arrived at the MTC. (sorry there's a lot of Elder Nolan!!)

Always being daft , even on the way to the MTC.

Rachel met us at the MTC - last time to see each other - Roll on September 2015 btw it was raining!!
                            This is it! Everything has pointed us to this moment!!

'Always look up'


                               Greeted by missionaries in the MTC


Bye Grandma 

                                          Bye Auntie Wendy

Last words and moments with Mum !

Mum got to present Elder Nolan with his badge - 'This is it now son I'm handing you over to the Lord - we can do this! '

First handshake as Elder Nolan

                          One last sneaky kiss - but on his hand before we part.

I present you- Elder Tobias Cristian Nolan - yayayya - Go and be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G

                                                  Time to go!

             Triple heart pin - can't tell you what this represents  it's a secret!!

Last minute words with Granddad

Oopps Elder Nolan forgot to leave his phone at home !!

The Union Jack flag for a UK missionary serving in the UK.

Just like the mission field, the MTC is divided into Zones, Elder Nolan was in the Kimball Zone.

Elder Nolan : District Leader of the Nephi District

Elder Nolan with his MTC companion Elder Belnap.
Elder Belnap hails from Sandy, Utah and went to the London South Mission.

              Elder Nolan and Elder Suriyachan from Thailand outside the Preston England MTC.

     Elder Suriyachan left the MTC to serve in Elder Nolan's home mission  EMM and met his Mum at a transfer meeting. Elder Suriyachan's opening line was 'Are you Elder Nolan's mum?'

                           It's funny that we are all doing the same finger pointy thing !!!

Elder Nolan left the MTC to go to the London North Ward. His first companion will be Elder Hein.

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