Monday, 3 November 2014

My soul Hungered....

Hey Everyone!

What a week it has been!?

Happy Halloween, me and Hutchins nearly attended a party as Jehovah's Witnesses but at length thought it may not be the best idea. We went as ourselves in the end. I heard a missionary in the mission went to church as me though! 

I feel drained though, there has been much happening and much changing within the mission and on a personal level this week. I feel really charged for my area and have a clear vision of what the Lord needs me to do here, I'm excited.

Its hit me hard this week that I need to step it up a little. In my interview with President Jordan this week I told him that I am trying to understand what it means to serve with all my 'heart, might, mind and strength' and I asked him for advice, he said 'Well, I am glad you are feeling these promptings and I am excited to hear about the answers you receive as you wrestle with the Spirit' at first i felt a little deflated at this, i have now realized the power of his wise counsel. He wants me to develop my capacity to receive revelation concerning my own spiritual growth. Slowly and surely I am receiving answers to my prayers, It really takes effort to wrestle with the Spirit though and sometimes you feel like you are taking a beating!

My companion has had a hard week, he has put his foot in it a few times with other people, bumped the car and made a comment that nearly got us arrested (slight exaggeration). I just love him though, he has so many talents and is such a natural missionary and so i see past the faults that often other people cant get past with him. I have learnt so much from him in these few weeks we have been together and I have become a better missionary because of it.

It has become clear that our focus as a zone needs to be on finding, teaching and baptizing families. Obviously the Lords arms are stretched open wide to all those seeking rest and refuge, our work with individuals with be ongoing. I know though, that God's eternal plan is centered  on family units, I know that there are fathers and mothers of families praying for things to change in there lives and for God to bless them with new light and greater purpose. I know the missionaries have the answer to that prayer and that is the message we share. We have the Book of Mormon which contains the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, many ask why the plan of salvation isn't contained in the book of Mormon, simply the Plan of Salvation is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the POS is divine knowledge and direction revealed through Prophets, past as well as modern day. They have the responsibility of declaring the plan and the specifics of that plan at the time they are in office. Thankfully we do have Modern day Prophets, Our message also teaches families that they can receive personal revelation for their own lives and for the lives of their family members through the power of the Holy Ghost 'which revealeth and teacheth all things'. We can share with them the way that they can achieve strong, lasting and wholesome relationships with each other which will stretch into the eternities and help them realise the divine purposes of an ideal home. It's going to be a White Christmas,.

I love you all,

Have a great bonfire night and don't eat too much treacle,

I will,

Hugs and Handshakes,

Elder Nolan

          Elder Nolan, Hutchins and Keen -
                     Taco Time!


              Watford Zone




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