Sunday, 12 July 2015

Change is good

Not quite sure what this photo is all about - Elder Nolan has yet to tell us!!!

Hello everyone!

How are you doing?

This week has been a definite first time experience for me, the transition from President and Sister Jordan to President and Sister Stevens has brought with it a range of emotions but the whole thing has been quite a powerful witness that the Church has indeed been and continues to be divinely organised.

We also expected to have a new office couple, Elder and Sister Gale and they are lovely, I don't know if I have mentioned Elder and Sister Williams but me and Elder Gore refer to them as Granddad and Grandma.
Anyway, Elder Gale got the worse morning of his mission out of the way on Monday, we went with him to get Presidents car valeted, we couldnt find the company that Elder Gale had set the appointment with, we got about an hour past the allotted time and as we pulled into a side road to turn round, Elder Gale realises that his front left tyre was flat!
We then couldn't find a jack in our car or presidents, and when he called the RAC roadside recovery they said that the car in question wasn't registered on the mission fleet. Me and elder Gore left in Presidents car to get help and get it valeted some place else, we finally found a really good shop that would do it for a better price, we then walked back to where Elder Gale was stranded and grabbed him an apple pastry to cheer him up. When we got back we found him outside
the car which had now been fixed by the RAC but as we gazed upon Elder Gale we saw something wrong, his shoulder had fallen victim to a London bird with a seemingly unhealthy digestive system. Poor brother!

Anyway, that night we grilled chicken on the chapel roof with President and then a bunch of missionaries turned up and we made them 'smores', another American method of cheating your way to a heart attack - delicious obviously. We had photos on the roof and just tried to soak up the moment as much as we could, President said 'you will tell your wives and children about this night', it's true, it was a great evening and send off for the Jordan's.

Tuesday came and we prepared every needful thing for the transition then at around 5.30 the Jordan's arrived with President and Sister Stevens and we got acquainted. The Jordan's then left and between the third floor of the building to them leaving the garage I think I hugged sister Jordan 10 times! It was just so tender and surreal to see them go. But they did indeed go and we got straight to work with President and Sister Stevens planning for the next three days of introduction conferences.

Now the conferences are done, we have gotten to know President and Sister Stevens pretty well and I can say with sincerity that I love them and know that they will do remarkable things for this mission.
Elder Gore put is so well the other day, he described the transition like an old cartoon where a dagger would be pointed into the side of a character and then when I was retrieved there was no hole, but seemingly the flesh of the cartoon character had been restored. When the Jordan's left it stung and I could feel a hole being made but then the Stevens came and the hole was quickly restored. I feel so blessed to have two mission presidents and wives and to have a close relationship with them both will bless me forever.

On Wednesday after the Ipswich conference we had dinner at the stake presidents home and the opportunity arose for an on the spot musical number, so me, elder Johnson, Elder Hesen, the stake presidents son in
law and President Stevens sang brightly beams - the one we used to sing in the mission band and it sounded pretty good! President Stevens used to sing bass in the Mormon tabernacle Choir and so I am confident the mission will continue its musical habits.

In our area we continue to see miracles, people texting us out the blue asking to come to church right after we finish our prayer to begin planning for the few people we have to work with, people are receiving answers to prayers and are having powerful experiences with the Book of Mormon and the Saviour Jesus Christ. The baptisms will be flooding in soon, we just have to be patient.

I love you all

Hugs and handshakes

Elder Nolan

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