Saturday, 27 June 2015


President and Sister Jordan in The Mews 

Hey Everyone,

So, this week has been busy, very busy indeed. The greatest blessings this week have come in the form of trainings and new lessons being learnt. 

I realised this week just how much President and Sister Jordan mean to me, they have become such a significant part of my life. I remember looking at their photo in my call packet just wondering what they were like and how we would get on. Being around them so much on my mission has taught me so many things, working closely with them for the past two months has helped me to grow and learn things that will bless the rest of my life. It has been really tender this week to see them say goodbye to so many missionaries. They have truly lost themselves in the work and in the lives of their missionaries. The mission loves them so much and it will be a very strange feeling not having them around, However, the greatest thing about them both is their understanding and testimony of Priesthood keys. President has stressed many times recently that the keys he holds are the same keys the new mission President holds, he encouraged the missionaries to pray for President and Sister Stevens and for a spiritual confirmation that the mantle of Presiding in the England London Mission will in due time pass from President Jordan and rest upon the shoulders of President Stevens. I have sought this witness and have received it. I already feel love growing for the Stevens' and I know that this is a gift from heaven. 

​We are teaching some wonderful people now and helping the Britannia ward to ​grow! The greatest thing about serving with Elder Gore is that we are both just striving as hard as we can to be consecrated unto the Lord. These are the 'days of the vow of our separation', we feel the weight of that - he has really helped me to regularly sacrifice my own will for the perfect will of my Father in heaven. This life is all about priorities, its all about consecration. You can spend two years as a missionary and come home without changing a whole lot, you can exchange two years of your life for regret - this isn't a bargain we are looking to make. As Nephi didn't build his ship after the manner of men, we are striving to build our souls in the Lords way. Missionary work has been pretty hard since coming to London, I didn't expect this - but my sense of fulfilment and happiness hasn't been higher than it is right now. 'My Joy s full'. My trust is in God and not the Arm of flesh. Me and Elder Gore love each other and we are just both trying to help each other to receive the Holy Ghost more fully. 

​This week coming looks a little crazy, President Stevens arrives on Tuesday and we will have conferences with him for the rest of the week. ​Please pray that miracles happen in our area, even if we are out of it for the most part! 

I love you all

Hugs and handshakes

Elder Nolan

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