Tuesday, 5 May 2015

An I Pad single to the glory of God...




Hey everyone!

How are you doing?

So it's moves again - I am leaving. President has called me to be his
assistant. Crikey bobs. We had a meeting with him last week where he
said I would be merging the Colchester and Cambridge zones together
with elder Adriano and continue serving as a zone leader, so when he
called yesterday I wasn't expecting what he would say. I am excited to
serve and work in this role though. My companion is the one and only
Elder David. Round two baby! What's also cool is that the Britannia
ward boundary covers all of central London, so will be technically
leaving the mission weekly! I have loved cambridge with Elder Whitby
and it has been a sacred time for me. he has helped me to reach a new
level of consecration and self mastery which I will be forever
grateful for.

This week has been incredible. It began with a mission wide conference
in London in which we were taught by President Patrick Kearon and
Elder Nielsen both of the first quorum of the seventy. They came to
train us on the use of iPads - however the meeting panned out very
differently to what I expected. I assumed we would be bored stiff with
tutorials on how to use these modern day seer stones but of course the
Lords servants new better than that. They sincerely expressed how much
they loved us - Elder Kearon has such a wonderful manner and really
created a comfortable environment for us to learn in.

The iPads themselves are... Flipping mint! We have used them in pretty
much every lesson since we them and they have done nothing but enhance
the teaching and learning experience. It also feels good to have
technology back in my life. This was a main focus of our conference,
the brethren understand the future of the church is in the hands of
the current missionary force. Frankly, many missionaries developed bad
habits when using technology back home - whether it be gaming, social
networking or pornography. This introduction of iPads is massively
focussed on preventing the widespread relapse that happens when
missionaries return home and are bombarded with temptations of the
past. This is the time to learn good habits and set a standard of
online behaviour that will bless each of us and our current and future
families. Elder Nielsen shared with us the response of the first
presidency when they were asked about the potential pitfalls of such
an initiative, they said 'We trust the missionaries'. How powerful is
that? I was really moved by it and it inspired me to have an 'iPad
single to the Glory of God'.

I love you all

Hugs and handshakes

Elder Nolan

Ps. Aisha went to the temple this weekend and really enjoyed herself.

Pps. My new p day is Saturday so feel free to email me before then!


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