Monday, 6 April 2015

GC April 2015

Hey there!

How wonderful was conference this weekend? I loved it. 

I loved how powerful the testimonies of the Saviour felt and the focus on Him and his effect on our families. I had never felt so strongly about the importance of raising my future family through the teachings of the Saviour and how essential it is to help them 'Hear the music of the Gospel' and not just learn the dance moves. 

Conference also helped me to further understand the absolute power of the Atonement - 'it leaves no scars', 'When the Saviour atones he atones and that settles it' and I loved ' T'was I, T'is not I'.

We had 5 investigators at conference as well, so me and Whitby are really happy with that - we should hopefully have them all dated for baptism by the end of this week so they can prepare to receive even more blessings! 

Last Monday we hit up Taco bell on the Air base -it was Delicious. I spent 14 dollars on my meal which I have justified by not have any other fast food for the past 3 weeks. It was good to be with the other missionaries in the Zone, mission friends are the best. I really love Elder Whitby, he is just such a pure and good man. He really helps me to be exactly obedient and we feel the Spirit so much. President Eyring's talk about knowing what to say helped me to understand even more the degree to which we rely on the Spirit in missionary work. Countless times words have come out of my mouth that have not been what I would have said, they were much wiser words, sometimes they caused others to feel intimidated or 'pricked in their conscience', they sometimes have made people feel that they were really being taught by representatives of Jesus Christ which brought confirmation that what we were saying was true, sometimes they gave succor to the distressed, there have been things spoken by my mouth and my companions that simply were not from our own minds and that has been such a confirmation of the reality of our call as missionaries. There also has been times on my mission where it has been my words speaking and I have found that when this happens I can talk and talk and talk and there is but little change to the countenance of my investigators. The Spirit speaks when we listen, I bear testimony of that. And I bear testimony that He will 'fill our mouths' but only if we empty them first - and when this happens it is then that we truly become 'instruments in the salvation of souls'. 

I love being in Cambridge right now, such wonderful place. 

Happy 80th Birthday Grandma, I love you. 

I love you all and thank you for all you do. 

Hugs and Handshakes,

Elder Nolan

Elder Nolan and Elder Whitby

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