Tuesday, 24 March 2015


P - day is tomorrow! looks like I’m moving to Cambridge zone! excited!

Hey Mum, I am in London today and going for lunch with Guarav and Elder Hutchins!

I am really excited to go to Cambridge, It is a smaller zone and it is struggling - President has asked me to focus on it getting up to speed, so its quite an exciting project. 8 transfers as a zone leader though haha My new companion is Elder Whitby and he is from my mtc group, I'm replacing Elder Farley again (Watford) and the area just looks great: full of students! What a blessing.

I have been making a real effort to be more grateful, especially when praying and it has affected me quite profoundly. I feel happier, my faith is stronger and my prayers feel more listened too. It’s also increased my patience. The last few weeks have been really difficult, the work has been slow and I have been struggling to find the differences that I have made in the Watford zone. Sister Honrado helped me see the things I couldn’t and now I feel really fulfilled and happy about my time in Watford. I have learnt so much. I was blessed to give a testimony on Sunday and Its one of the few times I have felt the Spirit from the pulpit. The challenges that we have faced have strengthened my relationship with God and have taught me that the blessings always come, they may take a while but they ALWAYS come.

So now I feel unstoppable. We just have to do what we are asked and leave the miracles up to Him.

I love you Mum!

Elder Nolan

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