Tuesday, 3 June 2014

End of May Update

Your boy in action
Ukelele with Maddy
Packages from Home

How are you all?

Sorry it's been a while, we have been so busy. I couldnt belive the last update I sent was like 3 weeks ago. I never expected my mission to go quicker than it was 3 months ago.

So, big boy moves are going down in chelmsford town (it is actually a city now, apparently). The Queen came to give the locals a wave, the sisters had already booked tickets to the cathedral however we had more important things to be attending to like Zone meeting, so they weren't too happy when I told them!

The District is doing so well. I can feel the faith of each missionary increasing and I see it in their numbers every week. At the beginning of the transfer the district had 0 investigators on date and as of today we have 16 on date for baptism! The Lord is blessing us for out faith and also because we are following the council of PMG. I have come to learn that all the tricks, secrets and 'new ideas missionaries think they have' are all to be found within the pages of PMG. You would think Prophets and Apostles had wrote it. It is marvelous.

We had interviews with President Jordan last week and received training from him and Sister Jordan, I took for granted how much I saw them whilst I was in London. It was great, President Jordan talks about missionary work in a way that cause's any doubt in my mind to dissolve and I feel like can go out and baptise a nation. I have also come to realise that President Jordan doesn't invite us to achieve certain goals, he prophecies of our success and if we do not achieve it we will be held accountable. I would follow him into the Battlefield and I know all of the missionaries in this mission would too. I asked him questions on how I can improve, what he expects of me and what kind of leadership creates change. After my interview I realised there were so many things that I forgot to ask!

So this week we had 6 investigators at church including a family! We are so happy with them. Mani and his family are from india and moved over here about 7 years agao. They have a hindu background but since coming to england developed a faith in Christ. They are on date for th 14th of June and so please remember them in your prayers! Mani's wife was cooking whilst we taught mani the other day, she came in at the end and asked if we were staying for dinner, we obviously said yes please and it was the best indian food I have ever eaten! She said she had rushed today, she usually takes 3 hours to prepare dinner! Haha

Me and Elder Martin are having a lot of fun, he is teaching me the rubiks cube, I can now throw a rugby ball properly ( we took it finding with us at the park and found a new family to teach after playing rugby with their son!) and we are scheduled to learn the Haka today! Tika tonu atu kiakwa etama! We sang with the young men in sacrament on sunday, 'bring the world his truth', Irene our investigator was blubbering! It had the desired effect!

Anyway, Maldon to Victory!

Thankyou for all the letters, emails and packages!

I love you all,

Hugs and Handshakes,

Elder Nolan

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