Saturday, 1 August 2015


                                     Elder Gore, Pare and Elder Nolan

Hello everyone,

How are you?

I am currently sat in a Watford barber shop waiting for Elder Gore's
hair to be cut. It's always strange coming back to an area, being on
exchange with Elder Wright (Sent from my iPad
This week has been great though, we had MLC this week and it was the
first one with President and sister Stevens - we also had 5 new zone
leaders. It's definitely a new era, I absolutely loved the meeting
though, we began with a group study on Doctrine & Covenants 121:
33-46. It's been a topic of study for me and Elder Gore of late, we
also trained on it later in the day and drew examples from the
relationship between Lehi and Nephi. It's incredible how from a young
age Nephi observed the example of his prophet father and when Nephi
was eventually called to be on the Lords errand his response to it was
so much influenced by what he had seen his father do. Nephi said 'I
will go and do' because he had seen his father do it time and time
again - prophesying in Jerusalem, pleading ' with all that his heart,
In behalf of his people' and leading his family into the wilderness,
leaving wealth and status behind. It made me think of the righteous
example's I have been so blessed with within my own family, I have a
close family full of disciples and they all set an individual example
to me which has greatly affected my missionary service. I have thanked
the Lord everyday for them for the past two years and I will continue
to for eternity!

Pare is doing incredibly well! Christine and the girls are preparing
for the 15th and we have Lauren preparing for the 29th! Too many

The time is far spent!

I love you all,

Hugs and handshakes,

Elder Nolan

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