Saturday, 30 May 2015


Uh oh ! The ELM  has only gone and hit the news!!

Hey there!

How are you doing?

Have you seen Glorious yet? It's so exciting!

I've just got back from an exchange in Northampton with Elder Martin -
I served with him in Maldon. We had a great time and taught some
wonderful people. I've set a goal that for each exchange I have on one
of the train rides at  least I will place a Book of Mormon! Yesterday we
did it! It was really good. His name was Stefan and he was on his way
to see his son. He is hopefully coming to church next week in the
London north area. We are teaching some great people right now. It's
funny that I have come to Britannia Sosa ward and I am teaching one of
the best families I have ever met in my mission. We go and see them
every Sunday South of the border. They come to church and this week
they all came (with the father) to see 'Meet the Mormons' together and
we feel that they loved it. Will be seeing them Sunday and following
up. Jacob, from Cambridge who I was teaching is getting baptised this
Sunday! So happy when I heard about that :). We have some great people
meeting with us right now, a lot of Chinese kids also, it is something
I will right about next week hopefully as the whole Chinese Mormon
movement is something I have a lot to say about. We had MLC this week
and the three week missionary meeting, President gave one of the best
trainings I have ever heard in that meeting. It was about the Nazarite
Samson and his experience with keeping covenants. It was a lesson I
will never forget. It's really a blessing to get to know the new
missionaries and be able to relate to some of the experiences they are
having. I still remember that time with Elder Hein so clearly. It is a
sacred memory to me and one that gives me the biggest warm fuzzy.

So today I am finally going to see Wicked! I am really looking forward
to eat, President and Sister Jordan are going with us also and we are
going backstage!

I can't believe this transfer has only 1 week left and then Elder
David is no more. We are best mates and I will really miss him. I am
missing all my other companions that have gone home a lot more than I
expected. You just develop a love for them that is more like a brother
hood. And you just hope and pray for their success everyday. It will
be a wonderful reunion, whenever it happens.

Anyway, I love you all

Hugs and handshakes

Elder Nolan

Friends Forever

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