Monday, 2 March 2015

Happy Birthday Elder Nolan!!

Hey son how was your birthday. I want to know all about it. Send some photos. 
Did you like your parcel.? 

Hey mum!  loved my parcel from you, such a great gift! I had a really tiring week, but lots of great things have been happening. We are teaching quite a lot of people right now and the ward is doing well. We are having zone p day today ' The  Great British Bake Off' as missionaries love to bake! I don't, but most others do! 
What i loved the most this week was the letter you sent me, you are doing great. I told the missionaries about the clay heart scandal haha so funny. 
We went bowling last week for my birthday, I won! 145! Not bad. Got taken out to pizza hut and gourmet burger kitchen on Friday! 
Last week we went o the seventh day Adventists with a member from Watford Ward. We loved it! So much fun, we got some good contacts and they just this second called us and invited us to lunch! 

                                                     Zone photo with the Selfie Stick!

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