Friday, 15 August 2014

La Bamba

The reason this is entitle 'La Bamba' is because we have a great investigator called Buddy and he is on date for 31st August! This is the man we found at the chapel and showed the new mormon message to, we are teaching him today and going for a chinese buffet together! Shweeeet!


How are you all doing?

We have had a good week, with lots of miracles, baptismal dates and even a brand new philipino baby being born! Maricel gave birth to her baby girl Alexandra on saturday morning! We are going to go round and sing to her tonight :)

Me and Elder Johnson are continuing to have a whole lot of fun, to work hard and in a way that the Lord can really use us to bring out his great and eternal purposes. Its good.

So on Wednesday, we were to do service at a members house, we had to grab something from the chapel and as we were the leaving it began to pour down. So we went to check something on the computer and after about 10 mins the Family History patron walks in with two very wet door to door leaflet workers. They sat down with us and we proceeded to chat and talk about life, work and eventually God. We shared with them a great video (i'll post it below) and they asked such great questions. We prayed with them, swapped details and we are meeting with them this week. I thanked the Lord for the rain that day, something which I have always been hesitant to do. They were merely looking for physical shelter from the rain and they left with sunshine in their soul. 

I love being a missionary!

Hugs and Handshakes

Elder Nolan

The District

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