Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Update 22nd April 2014

 Hey! Short one this week. We had a great week though, we found some wonderful new investigators and we had 3 at church! Whoop! Elder Martin is teaching me several things at the moment, namely the Haka, the rubiks cube and how to throw a rugby ball correctly! Its coming along, Kia Kaha (be strong)! In turn I'm helping him with doctrine and his finding, he is a great missionary already. Jokes aside, I am learning so much from him, I have seen and felt the Spirit working through him several times already during lessons and as we have studied together in the morning. I am really enjoying being a district leader, i didn't think it would require that much of me but it does. Plus I want to be the best district leader I can be and so I have found myself on my knees regularly this week. The Lord knows these missionaries, he knows what they need and I have felt his guidance and inspiration as i've prepared trainings and conducted call ins. I love how leadership compels real growth in individuals and again I've found it to be yet another humbling experience on my mission and it's only been a week! We have the Faith to see miracles, we will work diligently to find them and obey exactly to be granted them! We are all stepping up at notch! Maldon to Victory!

Hugs and Handshakes, Elder Nolan

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