Tuesday, 18 March 2014

News Update 10th March 2014

Ready for a baptism!

All over London! Thanks!

Me, laura, curtis and Farley

All the people confirmed on sunday with the missionaries


How has your week been?

Our Friend Laura Puiul was baptised and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints this weekend. It has been such a wonderful journey for her and us since we met her just 6 weeks ago. It has been such a blessing to observe and guide Laura as she has progressed towards baptism and the Lord has been involved intimately, making things happen and telling his missionaries what to do at the exact time it needed to be done. We have all grown together.

My personal  testimony of the truthfulness and divine power of the Book of Mormon has developed into a fortified conviction that this sacred record, that binds our Faith together is truly the work of Prophets called of God and that 'If you believe not in these words, then believe in Christ, and if ye Believe in Christ, ye shall believe in these words, for they are the words of Christ'. I love the Book of Mormon and I love sharing it with the people we meet.

Throughout Laura's teaching, the seed of Faith within her has been nourished by the life giving light of the Book of Mormon; Combined with the Spirit and the growing Light of Christ within her, we have seen a witness of truth begin to descend upon her soul which has brought her to the noble valley of repentance, and as she emerged the Lord welcomed her into the waters of baptism.

So, major miracle this morning. It's p day and so we began our day with a game of football with the district. On the tube home, we found that we had walked in to the shop of a humble european woman. She walked up and down the carriage placing tissue packets on the seats with a note explaining her domestic situation (probably to attract more custom) with an invite to purchase the packet of tissues. I was immediately impressed by the initiative and I really didn't care if the story on the paper was true. I emptied my pockets and exchanged the contents for the packet of tissues. The woman walked by myeand was seemingly pleased by my custom and as she began to leave the impression came that she was Romanian and so I asked her how she was in her native tongue. She smiled and replied and then began to converse with me a little. I got through it and we established that our roots in Romania aren't to far from each other. She then walked on and was greeted by another Romanian (Raluca) in the carriage, who then begins to talk to me and before you know it its a full blown Romanian reunion. Sadly, my level of communication in the Latin language was too basic to carry on so I had to admit that I was actually English and that if any more 'get to know you' chat was to continue it would have to be done in my native tongue. We got to our stop and Raluca was leaving also. We carried on our conversation up and out of the station and I told her that I was a missionary for the Church and asked her about her relationship with God. We ended the conversation with a prayer, the swapping of details and we are seeing her on Saturday! Bravo! This is another testimony of how the Lord works. He played at my love of 'if you dont ask you dont get'. If the Romanian woman had not brought her business to the tube there would have been no purchase of tissues. If I had not bought those tissues there would have been no conversation, no conversation - no reunion, no reunion - no prayer, no prayer - no daughter of God finally receiving the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am reminded of Alma 'By small and simple means doth the Lord confound the wise and bring about the salvation of many souls' (Thanks Grandad).

London North is a blessed Land. 3 people were confirmed on sunday, two were given the Aaronic Priesthood and two Recent converts were advanced to the Melchizedek Priesthood. The Gospel is good.

I love you all,

Hugs and Handshakes,

Elder Nolan

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