Monday, 6 January 2014

6th of January 2013 Update

One page of potential investigators!

Christmas Present from the Jordan


This will be a short one!

How is everyone? 

So we have had a great week. Angela is preparing for saturday and Medhi is on date for the saturday after wards! Medhi is Johnny the cocktail artist and he's fast becoming my best friend. He is such an amazing man. He was born a muslim in Iran. He had an experience where he knew that Jesus Christ was his saviour and because was persecuted in in his country to the point he had to flee at the age of 17. He came to england not speaking a word of the native tongue and began studying classical music at a university. He can play classical piano like no other, its so natural to him, when you watch him play its like its something that comes from inside him. He is one of those people who can do anything that he puts his mind to and now living the Gospel of Jesus Christ is next on his list. We are currently putting a plan together to find him a new job. He is so ready to be baptised and commit to Christ. He says that he has felt the light of his faith dim as he has been working in London and he has recognised the difference in his life, in his happiness when he has put Christ first. I love him. Please pray for him. He needs strength and Job oppurtunites and I've come to know that there is a direct correlation between the prayers we offer and the results we achieve, and when we pray together the results are amplified. 

Me and Elder Farley are doing great together. We study hard and work hard. And we eat ALOT! He eats more than me! He is a basketballer, a very good one, but if only he had played football from a young age. He's got the legs of a Bull and he's a lefty. Americans marvel at the 'wonders' my feet can do with a ball. haha. They aren't too impressed at what my hands can do though. Basketball just feels completely wrong to me. I tried to dunk the other day and in the act, pulled an abdominal muscle. I didn't dunk it either. Stupid game. haha Its a lot of fun to watch some of these Americans play it though, they're very good. 

So until next week my friends. 

I love you all,

Hugs and Handshakes

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