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27th of January Update

 London bridge Book of Mormon musical style

Forgot about this Anchorman Tribute...

Drums with Medhi Wooooop

Sweet view from Muswell Hill


How are you all doing?

This week has probably been the hardest of my mission so far. Since we baptized our progressing investigators it has been a time of rebuilding and I have been quickly reminded how hard missionary work actually is. Plus I have finally had the 'I really miss home' moment. I only allowed myself a few minutes to be homesick and now I feel fine. J

This week has come with miracles though, so I really shouldn't complain. Elder Farley shared something with me which I really appreciated at the time. This was on Saturday night after every appointment except one, either cancelled or wasn't home when we stopped by. We were walking to Tesco to find tasty treats to ease the pain and Elder Farley said 'There is a difference between bad and hard days on a mission. This is a hard day; a bad day is when you go all day without feeling the Spirit.'  It really soothed me! I've been thinking about it and I cannot remember having a 'bad' day in the past 4 and a bit months.

So, Mehdi is doing great and yesterday his girlfriend Nicole attended church and has told us she is ready to learn about the Gospel. We have been purposefully holding back a little with her and have focused on her getting to know us rather than ambush her with doctrine. We want to make sure she is doing this for herself. She is really cool though and the way she has supported Mehdi has been exemplary. We went round yesterday and as Mehdi left the room to make us Virgin Mary's (I'll let you work that out) Nicole asked us some great questions and it really opened my eyes. She asked 'What makes you different from mainstream Christianity?' 'Are the suits you wear uniforms given to you?' and 'Do you go two by two because of Noah and the Ark?' She was so genuine and it taught me a lesson. I think I have fallen in to the trap of perceiving that everyone knows what we are about and that they already understand the scriptures and so what we share shouldn't be so different to what they already know.  So me and Elder Farley were both humbled by it and I'm glad it's happened now and not at the end of my mission!

We visited a recent convert called Mikko this week, originally from Finland and brought up in Judaism. His conversion story is so wonderful and President Jordan had to help teach him because of how much he already knew! He invited us round this week for cookies, herbal tea and deep doctrine. We discussed the King Follet sermon given by Joseph Smith at Kings Funeral. Crikey. Pre mission I was all for plunging in to the depths of the scriptural abyss but since I've had a tag, I've been strictly focusing on the basics. I forgot how awesome it is! It was such a great discussion and we stuck to what the scriptures say!

The district sang in sacrament meeting this week, 'Armies of Helaman' and we sounded really good. The Spirit is always really strong when that song is sung and many of the congregation were visibly feeling it.

So now I'm off to band practice again, we have a performance coming up which is in Elder Farley's old area and he wants to come so bad.

I love you all,
Hugs and Hand shakes

Elder Nolan

I found the shorter version of this quote in my room the other night…

Good timber does not grow with ease,
The stronger wind, the stronger trees.
The further sky, the greater length.
The more the storm, the more the strength.
By sun and cold, by rain and snow,
In trees and men good timbers grow

Virgin Mary'

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