Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas Update

Christmas Greetings!

Christmas as a missionary is wonderful! We've all had such an amazing time and have made some great memories! 

How has your Christmas been? 

So, we came to the chapel this morning to receive the moves calls as a district and whilst we waited for the call we watched the second half of 'The Muppets' movie and we also watched The sound of music! how good is that film?! 

Anyway, we got the call and....I'm staying! Woohoo, my new companion is Elder Farley, another Utahn! Elder Hein is going to the St. Albans ward as district Leader, Elder David is going to hyde park as district leader and Elder Mitchell is staying!! It feels so strange to have people moving, we've all gotten so comfortable with each other and we've become like a family! 

I'm excited for this new transfer, it's going to be a good learning experience both spiritually and geographically as I can no longer rely on the navigational skills of my Father. 

So yeah. Everything is good. I'll send a longer update on monday but we have quite a few things to do today! 

I love you all!

Thank you so much for all the letters and packages, they mean a heck of a lot to me, I WILL reply in due time.

Hugs and Handshakes,

Elder Nolan

Ps. I love the quilt! all of those who donated time and effort, thankyou! My mission presidents wife is going to love it ha ha 

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