Monday, 9 December 2013

9th December Update


This is going to be short!

Strange week really, we had three performances eurghh! They all went well though and I got to drive! An 8 seater vauxhall van. First to Watford and then all the way to Ipswich! It was an automatic which made it a breeze to drive in London despite the gauntlet of death AKA Oxford Street. Crikey. We made it through safe though, I definitely felt prayers being answered! On the way back from Ipswich I follwed President Jordan and he lead us through the sweetest route into London. We drove through Canary Warf and eventually past tower bridge, the eye and big ben etc It was at night and so everything was lit up so it looked so cool. Definitely a must for anyone who likes driving in cities! 

So in other news, the band recorded today! It's up on soundcloud and so I guess this is my christmas gift to you ! I play percussion in hallelujah 2.0 and sing in the choir on all the songs except the sister songs obviously. This is our Christmas CD and will be released in all good music stores in the near future! 

Finally who's heard of stickpole? Joseph Smith used to play it apparently! SO there is a tradition of Elders playing this game in the mission and it gets pretty intense. The current champion (unbeaten) is one of the AP's Elder Tobia from italy, his father is a body builder so he comes from good stock! Anyway, we got back to london late after ipswich and so we stayed at the AP's flat. The championship belt was then challenged for by Elder Nolan. After 6 bouts Elder Nolan had conquered the Italian. Elder Nolan is now the Champion of the England London Mission. Boom! Tell your Friends! ha

I love you all, Next weeks update will be longer and better!

Hugs and Handshakes

Elder Nolan

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