Monday, 4 November 2013

4th November News from the field

This is a short one. We had choir for so long today and we have to head out soon!
This is my last normal p-day as next week it will be on Tuesday as its moves on Wednesday! So if you were planning on sending me letters and packages make sure their sent to the mission office just in case I do move and the new missionary in my flat takes the goods for himself!
The best thing about this week has been the fruits of talking to everyone. We have found those prepared people because we searched high and low for them.  The feeling that comes after someone receives the message of the restoration and says 'Because I understand the bible, I understand this', 'Before you started speaking I could feel the holy spirit' 'I'm going to pray about this and I know Jesus Christ will reveal it to me', these are the things every missionary wants to hear and it feels unbelievably good when the mother of a family of future missionaries says it. It makes all the walking, planning, studying, rejection, homesickness, walking, finding, tracting, tubing, bussing, getting soaked when you've been caught off guard in the rain etc etc worth it! I know that there not baptised yet, but to see someone start this journey towards the vision you have of them in the baptismal font is just great.
So all is well, me and Elder Hein are working hard and we've become a strong companionship I feel. We had the new missionary meeting where all the new missionaries get to complain about their trainers (that's what it turns into any way) but it made me realise that me and Elder Hein are doing good. He thinks he's much funnier than he his, but he sings nice, peaks and troughs ey? ;)
So keep up the work. Invite your friends to church. Invite them to family home evening. Invite them to dinner with the missionaries. Be the missionary your mother thinks you are.

I love you all.

Hugs and Handshakes,

Elder Nolan

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