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So much has happened this week. I forgot to mention that England London Mission literally is the number 1 mission in the world. Church headquarters has all the missions numbered and we are number one. The first mission Pres was Heber c Kimball, followed by men like Brigham Young, James E. Talmage, orson hyde, parley p pratt and George albert smith to name a few. The history of this mission is amazing.,

So im in London North ward and Its the greatest place on earth. Its getting there anyway. Me and Elder Hein have been ill this week but it seems to have draw us both together as we've been in the same state of exhaustion all week haha but we have worked Flippin' Hard. 24 lessons we taught this week. We have a goal of 30 this week with 60% being member present lessons.

On arrival we're given a folder with lots of juicy mission stuff. In it there is a case study written by clay christensen?  It is about a missionary named sister fulcher who was sent to a ward in boston that 'did not baptise'. The study shows some of the ways she turned this notion on its head with member missionary work at the center of it. Ive spoek to some of the missionaries about it here and a lot have  not read it. So much for obedience ey! ha I have and did on the first few days of my mission and it has completely changed my approach to how I would have worked. SIster fulcher explains ' We don't convince investigators into the baptismal font, we love them in. We should be the same with the members and love them into the work.' So this week when we have had tea appointments or member present lessons Ive asked the member to share their testimony/ experiences with the missionaries at the next testimony meeting. Maybe y'all could do the same?
How good was conference!? It felt like the best one ever! I followed Elder Bednars counsel and just made small plates rather than trying to write large plates! Conference is different as a missionary, ive learnt and picked up on things which were probably always there in other meetings but didn't resonate with me as much as now.

I love our ward already, its members, less actives and our investigators have already built my faith. Bro. Bentol a ward missionary taught me that 'the Lord gives people many chances to hear the gospel' this was after a lady wasn't in after we had planned a lesson but had no money on her oyster card and had to return home, he taught  'The Spirit works with everyone in some way, notice how he didn't remind her about her card' Its so true. We had a planned lesson, she had other plans, but Heavenly Father made it so she still saw the missionaries.
These things keep happening. We have a friend, Bach who owns a café and we were meeting him to have a lesson. He was an hour late, now we could see that as an inconvenience but in that time we taught 5 lessons and set 3 new appointments outside his café! The Lords work is at hand. I can feel his influence everyday. I didn't at first, but as I have tried to be more understanding and patient with people, im beginning to see them as He see's them. People are people and just because I know how important the gospel is, they will deem it secondary to EVERYTHING in their life until they gain a testimony. And that is fine. This is why missionary work takes so long.  Its wonderful though and I wouldn't want to be doing anything else.

Thankyou all for everything that you do. I love the emails and letters.

Hugs and handshakes

Elder Nolan

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  1. Dear Elder Nolan

    You sound like you are enjoying the work and you have a great Companion to give you some training and work with you. You look great in the Photo's I love your Blog what a great idea. Simon sends his best as do I . Keep up the good work. You are a great force for Good. There is no greater call than to invite all to come unto Christ and be Perfected by him. Blessings to you now and always, Love Bro & Sister Paul & Fritzie Rose & Simon xxx


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